Our mission is to exhibit a strong appreciation to our customers, providing only top quality products and impeccable service.

  • Founded in 1938 by Irv DeWoskin, an American inventor
  • Barnhart continues to develop new product lines today with a team of passionate women
  • We are constantly evolving, and one of the few textile manufacturing companies able to survive. But through strong determination we continue to grow
  • Recently celebrating 75 years in business, Thank you to all the loyal customers of Barnhart Industries products
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Barnhart Industries was founded by Irv DeWoskin in 1938, an American inventor and manufacturer. Through the years Barnhart Industries has weathered many storms, economic disasters, political fall outs, wars, buying trends and fads but with their innovative nature and wide range of products to offer here they are some seventy years later, still serving their customers with quality products and service they can count on. Perhaps the secret to their success is the ability to always be looking for new markets to serve and new ideas to develop which keeps them reaching for the next goal. Over the many years, it has been consistent high quality products and excellent customer service that has built good friends and loyal customers and a lifetime of memories.

Barnhart Industries uses the symbolic American Bald Eagle as their mascot. The women of Barnhart Industries feel they parallel the eagle as an American textile sewing manufacturer who has had to fend off the same pains of extinction. Just as the eagle has had to be persistent, strong and clever to find new ways to adapt to its environment and fight for its survival – Barnhart Industries has had to develop new products and find new niches to serve - presenting and

proving itself as a strong competitor. Summoning a powerful strength from within and invincible determination to survive in the hostile economic environment small businesses live in today, Barnhart Industries stands poised and ready to meet the exciting future that lies at their feet. Just as the Great American Bald Eagle has reclaimed its majestic profile in our universe, Barnhart Industries strives to soar with the eagles!

“I can think of no better way to honor the birth of our nation than by celebrating the rebirth of our proudest living symbol”
President Bill Clinton formally proposed that the Bald Eagle be removed from the endangered species list. The Bald Eagle has reclaimed its position on this earth; proudly it flies high and lives strong.

Today the bald eagle is found in every state of the union.

Barnhart Industries
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