• Extra generous size
  • Use under legs to reduce swelling and increase circulation
  • Conforms to head, neck and shoulders
  • Especially nice for "side-sleepers" or those who prefer to "hug" their pillow while sleeping
  • Loosely filled for cool comfort and versatility
  • Place under shoulders to reduce sinus congestion
  • Don't wake in the morning with a stiff neck
Price: $40.00

    The extra large size enables you to "snuggle up" and enjoy the full body experience, allowing for optimal comfort and relaxation. Use in conjunction with the support pillow, placed between your knees to allow extra support to the hip area while sleeping.

    (covers sold separately)

    Contents: buckwheat hulls

    fabric 100% cotton size: 16" X 36" weight: 6.6 lbs.

    Care Instructions: Do not get inner pillow wet. It may be spot cleaned with a damp cloth if needed.