Let Hangeroos be your solution to storage and organization in your classroom!

With everyday storage and organization becoming more important in every classroom, Hangeroos has created products to contain desktop clutter.

Our Hangeroos ChairPockets help students stay organized and provides easy access to books, learning materials, pens and pencils. Our ChairPockets are offered in two sizes, two styles and ten color choices. We use only durable, quality materials that are color-fast and stand up wash after cold water machine washing. All of our Hangeroos products come with a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. But most of our teachers will tell you that Hangeroos last year after year, the quality is that good!

For kindergartens and pre-K schools we offer Nap Mats.

We have designed Nap Mats with style, comfort, affordability and most important, are machine washable. Health departments love that! No more pillows from home, no more over-sized blankets and no more sharing either. Each of the three styles of Hangeroos Nap Mats have an attached blanket, and some with it’s own attached pillow, best of all everything folds up inside itself. Hangeroos Nap Mats are made for sweet dreams…

Pre-Loved Pillows help our young students who have difficulty concentrating.

Teachers who have students with problems staying focused, ADHD, ADD, autism, sensory issues and a myriad of other diagnosis, know how frustrating it is for both the teacher and the student. Our Pre-Loved pillows are an aroma therapy product designed specifically for children with these types of challenges. They are designed in cute animal shapes Bunny, Bear, Kitty and Turtle, each shape with different essential oils that help encourage calm, focus and stability. All the Pre-Loved pillows can be heated for comfort or cooled for calming.

All orders are custom made and will ship within the next 10 business days.