• Hunni Bear can easily “tame” a tummy ache
  • Provides comfort to a “bump” or “bruise”
  • Hush a "growling" belly
  • Warm for a sense of calm and comfort
  • Use to calm during a "temper tantrum"
  • Use during "time out"
  • Chill to take a "bite" out of a sunburn, bug bite or fever


Price: $19.99

    Hunni Bear has always been a favorite. It's just the right size and makes a great companion for naps.

    Use Instructions: To warm, place Hunni Bear into warming basket and warm in microwave for 90 seconds. To reach the desired warmth, reheat in 20 second intervals. (microwaves vary) May be place directly on skin.


    To Chill: To avoid moisture, store pillow in a sealed, plastic bag in freezer for 1-2 hours or more. May be placed directly on skin.

    Care Instructions: Remove outer cover, wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


    Contents: golden flax seed and buckwheat hulls

    An essential oil spritzer is included for aromatherapy

    Pleasant and calming blend to reduce anxiety and stress, brings "harmony" to the home or classroom. chamomile, spearmint, ginger

    100% cotton fabric size: 9" X 9" weight: 1.54 lbs.