• Overall size: 20” x 52”
  • 7.5 oz. colorfast poly-cotton twill
  • Designed to increase gross motor skills
  • Teaches independence and responsibility to preschool children
Price: $45.00

    Easy Care!

    For units with pillows, we recommend removing the pillow before washing, and then machine-wash the unit regularly in cold water, gentle cycle and mild detergent. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Lay flat and allow to air dry.

    Sturdy Construction

    Each mat is made of breathable 7.5-ounce colorfast poly-cotton twill. Notice the blanket is sewn to the mat on one side only for safety, ensuring there are no entrapment issues and that the blanket always stays on the cot. The removable pillow is made of hypoallergenic fluff poly-fill for comfort and a restful sleep. However, the real “secret” that creates the incredible comfortable pillow-top is the one and a half inch poly-fill padding that we quilt into the base. This padding has specially formulated bonding agents that will not break down after weekly cold water washing. The HANGEROOS Nap Mats are designed to be used alone or in conjunction with any standard childcare cot. Each mat has an oversized vinyl nametag and ID card so children can quickly recognize their own nap mat. HANGEROOS Nap Mats carry a full one-year warranty, but history has shown our Nap Mats last throughout the child’s preschool years.

    To close, just Flip in the blanket, Flop over the pillow & Fasten the snap! That's right just Flip, Flop and Fasten! The Kook-A-Roo design increases both fine and gross motor skills while teaching independence and responsibility to preschool-aged children. Even a small child with developing motor skills can master the chore to lay out and/or put away the Kook-A-Roo because all of the attached bedding easily folds into itself-the mat, the pillow and the blanket. , creating its own carrying case. Look for the space saving easy glide Roll Around Roost to store your Kook-A-Roo on.