• ·Supports the head and neck during sleep
  • ·Conforms to the shape of the head and neck
  • ·Recommended by health professionals
  • ·Reduces snoring, migraines and neck pain
  • ·Sleep cooler throughout the night
  • ·Are a naturally occurring, renewable resource
  • ·Environmentally friendly


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Body Pillow
Price: $40.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: MT-6070 -

    The extra large size enables you to "snuggle up" and enjoy the full body experience, allowing for optimal comfort and relaxation. Use in conjunction with the support pillow, placed between your knees to allow extra support to the hip area while sleeping. (covers sold separately)

    Companion pillowcases
    Price: $5.00
    Availability: Custom made to order

      Get a custom fitted cover to keep your pillow clean. Available in: purple, navy, burgundy, hunter 100% cotton fabric sizes: 36" X 16"~ 20" X 28" ~ 15" X 9" Body Standard Support ...

      Standard Size Buckwheat Hull Pillow
      Price: $29.00
      Availability: In Stock
      Barnhart Industries Item #: MT-6050 -

        Tuck your Buckwheat Hull pillow anywhere extra support is needed.

        Buckwheat Hull Support Pillow
        Price: $12.00
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: MT-6000 -

          This pillow provides additional head and neck support. Its smaller size also makes it an excellent choice for travel. When placed between the knees while sleeping, will help to reduce hip and leg pain.